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To think differently, first we need to think

Ten signs that you may need a Business Coach:

  1. You don’t know your business numbers
  2. You are spending more and more time and energy just to stay afloat
  3. Your business is not growing like it should be
  4. You haven’t been to the gym for months
  5. Your strategic plan is 5 years out of date
  6. Your company goals seem less and less achievable
  7. You are spending more time at work than with your family
  8. Your staff are not performing like they used to
  9. You feel trapped by your business
  10. You haven’t smiled in weeks


Ten Ways a Business Coach Can Help You:

  1. Clarify your business goals and create a vision that aligns with your personal values.
  2. Craft a Strategic Plan that provides a pathway for you to achieve your business goals.
  3. Identify and overcome any obstacles that are hindering your business growth.
  4. Develop strategies to manage your time and increase your productivity, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.
  5. Improve your leadership and communication skills, which are essential for managing a team and building strong relationships.
  6. Develop effective budgeting, cash flow management, and financial forecasting.
  7. Develop effective marketing and sales strategies that will help you attract and retain customers.
  8. Build a strong, high-performing team that is aligned with your business goals and values.
  9. Create efficient business systems and processes that will improve your operations and increase your profitability.
  10. Achieve work-life balance by developing strategies to manage your time, reduce stress, and maintain your well-being.


How We Do It

  1. We get to know you.
  2. We get to know your business.
  3. We help you Think Differently about your business – its Strategy, its People and its Profits
  4. We help you define your Purpose.
  5. We help you define your Goals – both Personal and Company
  6. We help you craft a Strategy to achieve those Goals.
  7. We help you Execute your Company’s Strategy.
  8. We use our experience and business knowledge to keep you on track.
  9. We know that Leadership Effectiveness is the key to business success.
  10. We stay with you through your journey, helping you thrive through the challenges that may come.

Your Next Step....

What’s Next when wanting to work with Think Differently Until the end of April 2023 we are offering a Free Consultation to qualifying businesses whose leaders and owners are serious about their future, that want to grow over the next financial year, and are keen to get their life back.  Without any hooks, promises or other pushy sales strategies, we just want to help by sitting down with you for an hour or so and seeing what your future could look like.  

Give us a call or drop us an email – we look forward to talking with you.

Our Benefits

Why Choose Us?

Our Beliefs

We are different.  We believe that to Lead Effectively we must be Creative.  Our guiding light is to achieve our Individual Potential, which is gained when we help others achieve theirs.  We believe in the principle that everyone, everyone can Grow and Develop.  Our job is to provide the Foundations for that growth, and to let it flourish.  And we insist on Smelling the Flowers.



Execution is the Key

At Think Differently, we believe in the idea that no matter how good your strategy is, if you don’t execute it effectively, it will be completely and utterly worthless. Successful strategy is 5% vision and 95% hard work. Think Differently will provide the discipline and rigour that is essential for successful execution. 

Contact us now for more information on ways to execute an excellent, custom-built strategy.

Leadership Development

There is now no doubt in my mind or the minds of my team that the best way to positively affect business performance is to improve leadership effectiveness. Contact us now to begin your journey to be the most effective leader you can be.

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What Does a Think Differently Business Coach Do

A Think Differently Business Coach is driven by YOUR potential. We want to help you unlock that potential, that skill and drive that is a part of you. We will do that by challenging you, by making you accountable for those actions you always knew you had to do, plus a whole lot more that we will figure out together. At Think Differently we are in the Moving Business – we move you and your business from where it is to where YOU want it to be. Ensuring you have time to Smell the Flowers

What our clients say

We have been working with Phil since 2012. During this time we have grown from a staff of 10 to well over 30 and quadrupled our turnover. Working with Phil has enabled us to develop strategies and implement plans that we didn’t even know we needed before meeting him. At the beginning of our journey together we were not working on our business at all and, to be honest, we were floundering. Now our leadership is strong, our strategy is clear and we have exceeded most of the goals we have set for ourselves.

Clare McCall

J C McCall Plumbing Contractors Ltd

Phil Pickford has provided considerable support to our business since we began working together in 2008. Over the years he has counseled, advised, mentored and coached me (and my team) on a vast array of subjects! The focus of our meetings has always been on business strategy but he has provided enormous support in other areas as well (management, HR, new business, and organisational structure to name a few). Phil is always very prepared, the meetings are well structured, and his follow up is timely and concise.

Natasha Bourke

Managing Director Skin Health Experts (S.H.E)

We have been using Think Differently for over 2 years and have seen remarkable gains in our business, over 50% growth each year. We have consistently broken sales records and have become a leading force in our field. Phil is an outstanding mentor with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Warwick Shearer

Director, The Maintenance Guys Ltd.

Our company executive have worked with Phil Pickford at Think Differently for over 10 years. Over time Phil has gained an intricate knowledge of the workings of our company and understands our thinking and our personnel. He then uses this knowledge, together with his own experience and wisdom to challenge the executive to set our own goals and business plans. He offers sound advice, and we have used him for guidance and direction when focusing on particular issues that we may be facing.

Tony Fairfield

Managing Director/Chairman,Youngman Richardson & Co. Ltd.

Phil created the defining moment for me when I was attempting to change the course of our company through a more strategic approach. His knowledge and experience in helping create the right strategy for the right time changed my perception of how we needed to move forward. Phil wasn’t about providing the strategic direction; he was about creating the right environment to enable my leadership team to evolve a strategy as a result of creative thinking, challenging the norm and asking the right questions.

Mike Wardlaw

Managing Director, Babcock (NZ) Ltd
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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today at 021 431990. The Think Differently team is passionate about Business Success and is ready to work with you today.