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Discover unparalleled service and dedicated growth strategy by partnering with a Think Differently business coach.




North Shore clients have collaborated with our team for over ten years, where we help customers achieve success through a tailored approach, accomplishing long-term goals by responding to current situations with clarity and direction.

Our two experienced advisors deliver personal and business success with honest, relevant guidance, listening intently to business owners and acting with proven systems to stimulate growth. Business planning with Think Differently can help your company reach its full potential, finding clarity for your priorities and managing data to keep things on track.

As a business owner or leader, you are at risk of falling behind as the contemporary environment of technological progress alters and develops competitors, clientele, and your business. Keeping an eye on your constant day-to-day business success, we acknowledge your specific needs, offering bespoke solutions which harness technology and keep your business functioning smoothly.

Business Mentor North Shore

Long-term strategy can suffer as your time and thoughts are diverted and harnessed to remedy immediate business needs. Selecting a business mentor, North Shore, from Think Differently will deliver formal strategies where we will regularly review your personal and business growth.

Partnering with a business coach from Think Differently will help expose blind spots, realise real goals and discover what makes your own business stand out. We set you off in the right direction, with a complete focus on growing businesses, offering knowledge, opinions, and judgement in vital business areas.

What is Business Coaching?

A business coach provides an outside perspective to benefit businesses and professionals. Business coaching addresses business and personal issues, helping you excel by using industry knowledge and skills to empower our introspective, thought-provoking process, identifying weaknesses and strengths and being the ultimate accountability partner.

As business coaches, we maximise clients’ business and personal potential, supporting your own path and identifying skills and goals to pursue. Creating an action plan to ensure you achieve success, we help keep everything running smoothly.

Helping Your Business Reach its Full Potential

When you contact our friendly team for business coaching, we pair you with a business mentor who has gained success and experience by helping clients succeed with excellent business strategy. Once we get started, we teach you and your staff or co-workers how to attain personal effectiveness, whether through leadership skills or innovative profit support.

With clear, honest details which steer your large or small business in the right direction, our coaching processes build your confidence, ensuring your business is moving forward. Join our team today if you are ready to receive your own solutions for personal growth, empowering your achievement of business goals!


One of the first components of business coaching requires self-inquiry, where we stimulate deep thinking about you and your business. Conducting an examination into your values, the mission of your business, and your overall mindset, we isolate your inspirations and fears to develop meaningful actions.

Select our trustworthy team as the best investment for your business. Situated in Rosedale, we are perfectly based to offer business coaching for the North Shore. Throughout our time providing valuable advice, we have been servicing clients Auckland-wide, gaining knowledge of local businesses and the community.

We develop meaningful long-term relationships with clients, re-energising their businesses and catalysing profitability.

Business Coach North Shore

What to Consider

When planning to transform your personal effectiveness and goals, clients encounter common challenges that must be considered. By giving us information about the required timeframe for your business plan, maintaining your accounting, and understanding the extent of your assets and liabilities, we can get started on developing an effective plan.

Business Success Through Consultancy

We assess your motivation and create a roadmap from which you can gain business results. Acting with professional values of honesty, integrity, reliability, and punctuality, the core feature of our business coaching is establishing relationships.

Building value for your business, your business coach will challenge you to be accountable and orient yourself to the achievement of goals. By measuring success, whether through sales and marketing or personal set goals, we will keep you in check and drive profitability for your business.

Our Beliefs

From CEOs of large businesses to small business owners and managers, we excel through our substantial business experience. Consider the future of your business and partner with our friendly consultants in Auckland.

For expertise in leadership strategy, business coaching, measurement, marketing, and more, get in touch with us and receive tailored services for your individual needs.

What our clients say

We have been working with Phil since 2012. During this time we have grown from a staff of 10 to well over 30 and quadrupled our turnover. Working with Phil has enabled us to develop strategies and implement plans that we didn’t even know we needed before meeting him. At the beginning of our journey together we were not working on our business at all and, to be honest, we were floundering. Now our leadership is strong, our strategy is clear and we have exceeded most of the goals we have set for ourselves.

Clare McCall

J C McCall Plumbing Contractors Ltd

Phil Pickford has provided considerable support to our business since we began working together in 2008. Over the years he has counseled, advised, mentored and coached me (and my team) on a vast array of subjects! The focus of our meetings has always been on business strategy but he has provided enormous support in other areas as well (management, HR, new business, and organisational structure to name a few). Phil is always very prepared, the meetings are well structured, and his follow up is timely and concise.

Natasha Bourke

Managing Director Skin Health Experts (S.H.E)

We have been using Think Differently for over 2 years and have seen remarkable gains in our business, over 50% growth each year. We have consistently broken sales records and have become a leading force in our field. Phil is an outstanding mentor with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Warwick Shearer

Director, The Maintenance Guys Ltd.

Our company executive have worked with Phil Pickford at Think Differently for over 10 years. Over time Phil has gained an intricate knowledge of the workings of our company and understands our thinking and our personnel. He then uses this knowledge, together with his own experience and wisdom to challenge the executive to set our own goals and business plans. He offers sound advice, and we have used him for guidance and direction when focusing on particular issues that we may be facing.

Tony Fairfield

Managing Director/Chairman,Youngman Richardson & Co. Ltd.

Phil created the defining moment for me when I was attempting to change the course of our company through a more strategic approach. His knowledge and experience in helping create the right strategy for the right time changed my perception of how we needed to move forward. Phil wasn’t about providing the strategic direction; he was about creating the right environment to enable my leadership team to evolve a strategy as a result of creative thinking, challenging the norm and asking the right questions.

Mike Wardlaw

Managing Director, Babcock (NZ) Ltd
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