Management Courses for the Real World

Management training for new and developing managers, in person, over 4 weekly half days, with a maximum of 5 participants, that is designed to work and help you become a better manager. 

Effective Management

Management first became recognised as a “subject” in the late 1950’s, by one of the greatest thinkers of our time – Peter F. Drucker. Since then it has been taught in schools, colleges and Universities the world over. We have Professors of Management, Masters of Management, and actual managers who profess to know everything there is to know about management. But in the real World? The truth is unpalatable. Mismanagement continues to be the major source of company failures today. And in New Zealand company liquidations have increased by 69% in the past year. What is happening here?

What is happening is Real World Management is not being taught. We continue to be bombarded by on-line management courses, and some in person as well, that are simply failing. In the USA, where statistics are available, $60-80 Billion is spent annually towards leadership and management training. Yet only 20-30% of the skills learned during this training actually results in on the job changes.

At Think Differently we have been true to our name. We have thought differently about management training and are now able to offer a course that works, that has been the product of over 60 years of actual management experience, that uses the same principles that are at the very heart of the science of management, but we deliver it differently:

  • Real World Management is designed for new and developing managers 
  • All training is at our offices.  We continue to see the inability of on-line courses providing lasting behaviour change, and hence improvement 
  • Attendees learn almost as much from fellow attendees as they do from the course presenter, as the research shows 
  • Courses are delivered over a period of four weeks via 4 half-day sessions 
  • There is significant pre-course work that will need to be completed 
  • Every week assignments are set, and reviewed, which reflect real world situations around the course topics for each attendee 
  • Follow up after the completion of the course is individual and extensive

Topic areas covered:

  • All participants complete an Extended DISC Profile, which is individually reviewed  
  • What does a manager do?  How does your EDISC analysis relate to the “style” of your management? 
  • Manager or Leader?  How do they differ and what does this mean for you? 
  • Managing and motivating yourself 
  • Managing and motivating others 
  • Building a high-performance team  
  • Delegation 
  • Prioritisation 
  • Managing change 
  • Bringing it all together – recent research and what it means to us 


  • Philip Pickford B.Agr.Sc (Massey, 1975), MBA (With Distinction) (Massey, 2004) 
  • 40 years management and leadership experience in Corporate and SME environments 
  • 30 years of business ownership experience 
  • 20 years of Management Consultancy experience in the SME market

Courses Details:


  • There will be a maximum of 5 participants – as per the research this will allow for significant individual and group work. 
  • The course will take place at the Think Differently Offices, 331 Rosedale Road, Albany 
  • Pre-work will commence approximately four weeks prior to the course starting and will include the completion of an EDISC profile 
  • At the completion of the course work each attendee prepares an Intentions Worksheet, to be shared with their manager and
    to be followed up and reviewed by Think Differently over the following four weeks
  • At the completion of the review period, the attendee, their manager and the Think Differently facilitator meet to review progress and define future areas of focus
  • This will ensure the skills learnt during the course will result in changed behaviour by each attendee  

Show your interest Now to ensure your place in our next course.  We look forward to providing a practical and effective course that will result in lasting change for you and your career. 

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