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Just as you would not let an unskilled driver on the roads, you wouldn’t want to be running a business without the training or skills. At Think Differently, we understand the business coach process, we know you are central to it, and our goal is to help you learn the tools of cultivating a successful business.

As successful veterans of the consultancy industry, we have seen countless examples of success. Our aim is to teach you, your co-workers, and your staff how to improve personal effectiveness in a business environment.

Are you ready to take on the skills you need to elevate your business? Then choose our team at Think Differently and give us a call today!

Think Differently will provide you with a business mentor

Humans learn through error. Children find out quickly that the stove is hot, that their pinky toe sticks out further than they think and will hit things if they aren’t careful. Mistakes are a natural way of enforcing, confirming, and reinforcing knowledge. But like anything else in life, they have their place. We can tell you right now where they don’t need to be, and that is in the business sector.

With our help, you will not need to suffer mistakes and setbacks to your business. Unlock your business’s potential by hiring a business coach from Think Differently.

At Think Differently, it is our sincere desire to offer consultations that actively improve your business strategy and increase your chances of success. Solicit the advice of a coach from our team today and your business can become the king or queen of the corporate jungle!

Why you should hire our services

Our services at Think Differently more than pay for themselves. Whether your business is old or new, big or small, and regardless of your industry, we don’t doubt we can find a way to bring your more profits. Read on to learn some of the main reasons why you should enlist our services.

We will enhance your motivation

There is no motivation boost like getting easy fixes and techniques that will take your business to the next level. Not everyone has the training and experience thinking on a large scale as we do. Our team will push you out of your comfort zone and show you new and innovative ways to profit from what you’re doing.

We will help your business grow

One of the greatest advantages of bringing on a coach from our team is that we will unlock the ability for you to grow your business. And we won’t just talk over you – we are always open to exploring new ideas with you. Talk to us about any schemes you have come up with and we will filter through them and follow through with the ones that could work.

We will increase your profits

Improving profitability is often the first reason why people turn to business coaches. We can look through your business operations, including your staff, sales, marketing, advertising, team building, business succession and more, to find the best way to increase your potential for profit.

We will help you with your leadership

A crucial tenet of a good business is the person who leads it. What are your leadership skills like? You’ll be surprised at how your actions can affect the productivity and morale of your employees.

Business Coach

We can broaden your perspective

When all you can think about is how your business is going, that can be pretty overwhelming. Bringing in someone with an unbiased perspective can be advantageous, helping you get a clearer perspective on what you might first think is chaos.

We can improve your confidence

Not only do some business owners find it hard to see their weaknesses, but they also struggle to know their own strengths. Our team will show you what is working well for you to give you enough confidence to bring your business forward.

We will always be honest

There is a time and a place for soft feedback. When you hire us, you will get clear, honest feedback about how your business is going. You might not want to hear some of what we can offer you but our perspective will help steer you in the direction you want to bring your business.

We will ease the load

Without the right toolkit to bring your business to its full potential, you might be struggling with time management and not giving yourself a break. You can get better at time management, knowing what to prioritise and when to rest, with the help of one of our business coaches.

Common mistakes

Bullet-pointed below for your viewing pleasure are some common mistakes that up and coming business practitioners make with alarming regularity. If you know for a fact that you have made some of these mistakes, you must get in touch today so we may start to fix them! If you know for a fact that you’ve never made these mistakes, you must get in touch before you do

  1. Mistake 1: Not seeking help when you need it. Blindly continuing along the wrong path will only make it more difficult when the time to fix your mistakes comes around
  2. Mistake 2: Only relying on family and friends for advice. While the sagest and most influential advice we receive often comes from those close to us, it is foolish to trust people concerning fields that they may not be experts in. Here at Think Differently, we can confidently say that we are experts in all things business-related, so to come to us when you need advice is not only recommended by our main business coach but strongly encouraged by our entire team for the health of your business
  3. Mistake 3: Having undefined expectations. While we will endeavour to bring you the world, it will be easier to deliver if we have from you concrete goals, expectations and instructions
What our clients say

We have been working with Phil since 2012. During this time we have grown from a staff of 10 to well over 30 and quadrupled our turnover. Working with Phil has enabled us to develop strategies and implement plans that we didn’t even know we needed before meeting him. At the beginning of our journey together we were not working on our business at all and, to be honest, we were floundering. Now our leadership is strong, our strategy is clear and we have exceeded most of the goals we have set for ourselves.

Clare McCall

J C McCall Plumbing Contractors Ltd

Phil Pickford has provided considerable support to our business since we began working together in 2008. Over the years he has counseled, advised, mentored and coached me (and my team) on a vast array of subjects! The focus of our meetings has always been on business strategy but he has provided enormous support in other areas as well (management, HR, new business, and organisational structure to name a few). Phil is always very prepared, the meetings are well structured, and his follow up is timely and concise.

Natasha Bourke

Managing Director Skin Health Experts (S.H.E)

We have been using Think Differently for over 2 years and have seen remarkable gains in our business, over 50% growth each year. We have consistently broken sales records and have become a leading force in our field. Phil is an outstanding mentor with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Warwick Shearer

Director, The Maintenance Guys Ltd.

Our company executive have worked with Phil Pickford at Think Differently for over 10 years. Over time Phil has gained an intricate knowledge of the workings of our company and understands our thinking and our personnel. He then uses this knowledge, together with his own experience and wisdom to challenge the executive to set our own goals and business plans. He offers sound advice, and we have used him for guidance and direction when focusing on particular issues that we may be facing.

Tony Fairfield

Managing Director/Chairman,Youngman Richardson & Co. Ltd.

Phil created the defining moment for me when I was attempting to change the course of our company through a more strategic approach. His knowledge and experience in helping create the right strategy for the right time changed my perception of how we needed to move forward. Phil wasn’t about providing the strategic direction; he was about creating the right environment to enable my leadership team to evolve a strategy as a result of creative thinking, challenging the norm and asking the right questions.

Mike Wardlaw

Managing Director, Babcock (NZ) Ltd
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