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Following a “one-size-fits-all” prescriptive method is equivalent to sending you a signed-and-sealed letter containing notice of immense and total business strategy failure. Every business is unique, however slight the difference to competitors in any given company may appear. And to match that, every business has its individual set of obstacles. 

Whether these obstacles are related to the structure of your company, the strength and initiative of your leadership, or the motivation and performance of your employees, we at Think Differently can and will point them out.

We will determine where the problem (or problems) may lie and construct a solution based on concrete evidence rather than some obsolete formula that may have provided lazier consultants with success in an obscure past. Recreating proven success is not in our interest – we would prefer to use a specific, relevant, tailor-made strategy to make your success truly yours! 

Dynamic execution for genuine success

It’s all in the name. If we were driven solely by profits, instead of a genuine desire to help businesses in all manner of industries improve their operations, we would not call ourselves Think Differently. 

Here at Think Differently, we do not pressure you to make quick decisions. We would never use dishonest sales tactics to confuse and disorient you into purchasing services that would line our pockets without benefiting your business. No – that simply is not part of our agenda. 

Instead, your Think Differently business coach will encourage you to think long and hard about what it is you truly want, considering your long-term goals and your current status. Do all that before you commit to accepting us as your business strategy consultants. 

Coming to us with a good idea of where you stand currently, both internally and with regard to your competitors, is a great place to start. We suggest you think about where you want to be in the short and long term future, as that will enable us to craft a strategy tailored exactly to your needs and wants. Don’t worry if you struggle to come up with ideas; our specialists can sit down with you and brainstorm some concepts to get you going.



What IS Business Strategy?

Business strategy is the bread and butter of a company’s operations. Without defined goals and creative initiatives designed to achieve them, a business is likely to stagnate. Failing to bring in new clientele, losing those who were once faithful, and other dire omens are all direct results of a lack of strategic methods, and it does not stop there. 

Maybe you have no clear plans, and yet everything seems fine? Perhaps you’re still in the process of building a business, and things are starting to take off. Do not just let your business coast along with the wave you are riding.

Consistent action and hard work are key to keep driving your success forward.

So, let us give you a definition: business strategy is the tailoring of long term goals so that they may result in the optimal vision that you have for your organisation. 

Your vision can entail whatever you want. Do you want to open up more branches? Make enough money so you can retire early? Tell us your goals.

Your strategy must take all possible factors into account to make this vision a reality. Simple in concept, yes. And yet businesses the world over struggle with setting goals and making plans and, worst of all, sticking to them.

As veterans of the consultancy game, we’ve helped many businesses rise to the top of their industry. All you need to join these successful people is to make and implement a solid, viable strategy. The businesses that take our advice and work intelligently on the solutions we provide all belong to a category of winners. They are successful, industry-dominators, the ones who come out streaks ahead of their competitors

Those that do not have clear plans outlined to realise their vision, including those that cannot clearly tell us what their vision is, unfortunately, belong to the category of unsuccessful organisations.

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