The Power of Purpose

You can Google hundreds of “inspirational” quotes about how we are lost without purpose.But can you clearly articulate your company Purpose? And do you use it as a business tool?

I see far too many people and companies lose sight of their purpose and get involved in busy-ness that fills their day and frustration that they are not reaching their goals….

Your business purpose is the reason why your company exists, beyond making money. It should guide your decisions, actions, and goals. 

Use your purpose to help manage your daily activity and improve your productivity:

  • Start by clearly identifying your purpose and articulating it in clear and simple language (language that a 10 year old would understand).
  • At the business level use your purpose as the foundation of your vision, mission, and strategy. Incorporate it into your internal and external communications, such as newsletters, social media, and website.
  • Test your company goals and processes against your purpose. Ensure that the objectives, performance indicators, and operational procedures are aligned with your purpose. 

But more powerfully and practically, you should use your purpose every day to prioritise and evaluate your actions, initiatives and projects.

  • When reviewing your company processes make sure you are focussed on the efficiency of delivery and the quality of your purpose and not simply on the quality of the process for its own sake.
  • Faced with a mountain of possible actions and seemingly important things you need to do today test them against your purpose.
    • How does this help me achieve my purpose?

And use your company purpose to motivate and align your team.

  • Communicate your purpose clearly and consistently to your team in a way that is relevant to them and allows them to feel connected with it, understand what they should be focussing on, why it matters, and how their actions contribute. 
  • Empower your team to deliver your company purpose. Give them the autonomy, resources, and support they need to fulfil your purpose. 
  • Ensure that they understand what is needed to deliver on the purpose and the confidence to question tasks that do not seem to align with your purpose.
  • Encourage them to take ownership of their work and to innovate and experiment in the delivery of your purpose. Review regularly with them and recognise and reward continuous improvement and growth.

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