Think Differently Group Breaks Out

Out of carefully prepared and lovingly nurtured seedlings, will grow strong, resilient and enduring giants.  This may be just a little over the top, however it best describes what has been happening to Think Differently over the last 15 years.  The past has been devoted to building a strong foundation, with processes and methods that will both endure and be adaptable.  As the founder of this company, and as many of my clients will attest to, I have recognised that every company founder has a responsibility – not just to his or herself, but to his or her clients and network.  That responsibility is to ensure that a business founder builds a company and a business model that will outlast them.  Over the last 15 years it has been just “me.”  I have been a one-man band.  Well, that stage of Think Differently has now come to a timely close, and I am now looking forward to building a company with others, ensuring I satisfy my own responsibilities.

Think Differently has now morphed into Think Differently Group Limited.  The Group has started its growth phase, after 12 years of preparation and nurture.  It is my very great pleasure to welcome Ian MacLeod into the Think Differently world.  Ian and I have had a long association over the years, and as that association has grown so too has my confidence in Ian’s ability and fit into all things Think Differently.  Ian’s Bio is on the new Think Differently Group Website at   He will post the next Blog and I’m sure will use that opportunity to expand further on his beliefs and motivators, and why he is such a perfect fit in a growing Group.

I want to just give a brief summary of what Think Differently Group Believes in and why it will be different in a market that tends to be crowded.  These are the beliefs that have been built over the past 12 years:

Think Differently Group Beliefs:

  • We are Different
  • We believe that to Lead Effectively we must be Creative
  • Our Guiding Light is to achieve our, and our Clients’, Individual Potential
  • We gain our Individual Potential by helping others achieve theirs
  • We believe in the Principle that Everyone, Everyone, can grow and Develop
  • Our job is to provide the Foundations for Growth and Development of our clients and their businesses, and then to let them Flourish
  • We Insist on Smelling the Flowers

We will differentiate ourselves in the market by how we mentor and develop the people that will join the Group over the next 5 years.  Whilst I will continue to work with my current clients, I have given an absolute guarantee to Ian, and will do so with the people that are yet to join us, that one day a week will be totally dedicated to the mentoring and developing of Think Differently Group Consultants and Advisors.  What I know, they will know.  What experiences I have had, they will relate to.  What insights I have had, they will be taking actions to leverage those insights.  But more than that, I will challenge them to think.  I will challenge them to take responsibility for their own development.  It won’t be easy for them as I have very high standards, but this will happen.  Because that will be how we differentiate ourselves.  When a client decides to join us, the collective wisdom, knowledge and experiences of the entire Group will come to bear.  We will be different because we will actually do that!  These are not empty sales slogans, they will become reality.  I have a responsibility, in fact I am Accountable for that to happen.  And it will.

End of the lesson!  I am excited and motivated to grow this group into a wonderful, medium-sized bunch of like-minded people that share our beliefs.  Our Vivid Description best describes this – and whilst you all know that a Vivid Description is the view from the mountain top, what you see when you have achieved your Strategic Intent (or BHAG), and that it is not meant as a Sales Slogan – this is it (and it will motivate us for a significant length of time):

To Build a Business that improves SME Owners Lives and at the same time Provides a Pathway for Consultants and Shareholders to Smell the Flowers

Stay well and, most importantly, look after yourselves.


Phil Pickford

Managing Director