Different But Not Ground Breaking

At Think Differently Group we talk a lot about Thinking Differently. But what does it really mean and how on earth do we go about it?

For a start thinking differently doesn’t have to mean thinking differently to the other 8 billion people on earth, it doesn’t have to be something that nobody has ever done before or acting in a way that nobody has ever acted.

Quite simply it is about changing how you look at problems, how you think about them and how you act when you come up against adversity. It starts with some fairly subtle changes, applying some techniques and principals that have been well used and well proven by many others. It isn’t rocket science, brain surgery or blue sky thinking, it is just the application of good proven methods that are a little different to what you have been doing.

It sounds so easy, but when you are faced with a seemingly unsurmountable hurdle or are so laden with tasks and busy-ness that you don’t have time for any thinking, the hardest thing in the world is to stop, breathe and take the time to look at the situation surrounding you and find a better way. When you frantically just need to do more, to work harder to get it done, you are blind to the fact that you won’t get any more out of the system by pushing harder on the piece of string!

It is time to Think Differently about your problems. The first step is to become aware that what you are doing is not giving you the results that you need. The next step is reaching out for some help, somebody that can provide a different viewpoint, who can look at your business and your problems from a different angle. Usually these people will have a slightly different set of experiences and knowledge than you and that might be all it takes to start you thinking differently about how you approach your challenges.

It isn’t about trying something wild, crazy, untested or revolutionary. There are plenty of great ideas, techniques and methods that have been tried, tested and proven by others.

Thinking differently doesn’t have to be thinking outside of the box, its just a fresh set of eyes and some fresh and proven ideas that you can apply, and before you know it you are thinking differently than you were when you couldn’t see your way out of the hole you were in.

To understand the solutions to apply (and which to not) requires time to read business publications, journals and talking to business professionals that have made them work. To know which to apply to your business problems and how to steer your business in the right direction requires experience from a range of business scenarios and some proven methods in business analysis. 

When you don’t have time for anything but the business in front of you, it is unlikely you have the time to gain the knowledge, experience and discipline to start thinking differently. That is when you need a little help, that is when you should reach out to someone who can look differently at your business and help you think a little differently. The only radical thing is asking for help.



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